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I hope you had a nice Memorial Day! I spent the weekend with some old friends at our new lake home in Brighton, Michigan. It was relaxing, but also a lot of learning (such as how to prevent geese from pooping on the beach, get a seadoo running, and tie nautical knots).

In addition to a weekend on the lake, I recently returned from the annual Aesthetic Meeting. This conference of top cosmetic plastic surgeons took place in New Orleans, and is the place all the top docs go to discuss the hottest topics in our field. So this week, I thought I’d fill you in on what we discussed!

1. Newtox is here! Newtox is the nickname given to Jeuveau, the first true competitor to Botox in ten years. It was recently FDA-approved and studies show its results are similar, and possibly even better, than Botox! I am the first doctor in the Metro Detroit to get this awesome new treatment, and we are now offering it at YPS! The cost is the same as Botox. Interested? Call us at (248) 273-7700 to make your appointment with our expert injectors today!

2. The newest category of cosmetic treatments are the muscle enhancers. Led by Emsculpt, these non-invasive devices stimulate muscle to enlarge, giving people a larger butt or more defined abs. New studies are showing the longevity of results appear longer than previously believed (6-12 months). Allergan, makers of Coolsculpting, also have a new muscle-enhancing device in the FDA approval pipeline right now. Exciting stuff!

3. One major hot topic in plastic surgery is the concern regarding health issues with two procedures previously thought to be safe. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and breast augmentation using textured surface breast implants are on my Holistic Beauty Blacklist and are very hot topics in the field of cosmetic medicine. If you are considering either of these procedures, I would strongly encourage you to do your research before committing to having them done. Buyer beware!

4. I’ve gotten some flack from other plastic surgeons regarding my acknowledgment that Breast Implant Illness (BII) is real. I believe a small percentage of women have medical issues that arise after undergoing augmentation with silicone breast implants. Many other plastic surgeons disagree with me. But have they read the evidence? If you are interested, watch this video I created on YouTube about BII and what I recommend to my patients. 

I was pleased that the topic of BII was discussed, with several plastic surgeons also acknowledging that this is a valid concern. Research is beginning to determine exactly who is at risk. As more info comes out, I’ll share it with you!

These are some of the hot issues in plastic surgery today. Stay tuned to my weekly newsletters for all the latest news!

Here are the latest episodes of my podcast, The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show. Please SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a single information-packed show!

Episode #138– Revealing the Truth About Plastic Surgery and Beauty Myths with Dr. Anthony Youn – Do collagen supplements make your skin look younger? Does fat removed by liposuction come back elsewhere? Should breast implants be switched out every ten years? If you shave your hair, does it grow back thicker?

There are so many widely held beliefs disseminated by so-called experts that it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t. On this episode, I’m going to test your knowledge by presenting ten plastic surgery and beauty myths and asking you whether you believe they are true or false. Then I’ll reveal the correct answer. Some of these will shock you, others you’ll find fascinating, and others you’ll (hopefully) get right on the nose.

It’s a fun and eye-opening episode that I think you’ll really enjoy. 

To learn more, listen HERE with Apple devices or HERE with Android phones. 

Episode #137 – The Essential Oils Diet: A New Way To Lose Weight with Dr. Eric Zielinski – Essential oils are some of the hottest topics in holistic health today. They’re being used to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, and even help balance hormones. But did you know that you can use the power of essential oils to shed unwanted pounds?

My guest this week is an expert in using essential oils for improving your health. He has discovered a fascinating, new way to harness their power to reduce cravings, feel fuller, and get rid of stubborn weight.

On this episode he’ll give us his tips, including his recipe for Quit Sticks – an effective craving-crusher that you can easily make at home. You’ll also learn which four essential oils are considered the “Big Four” weight management oils.

So if other diets haven’t worked for getting rid of your unwanted pounds, and you love your essential oils, then this is the podcast for you.

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