Update on The Lifestyl- Lift


Some new articles focusing on the Lifestyl- Lift present further information for any of you considering these procedures:

1. Lifestyl- Lift Website Sues Vendor for Negative Reviews (From PSP E Report) :
Santa Clara University School of Law professor Eric Goldman, who has advised RealSelf on the case, posts about the issue on his personal blog:
“No matter how many times I see it — and in the Internet era, I see it all too frequently — I always shake my head in disappointment and frustration when a company uses trademark law to lash out against unflattering consumer reviews. To these companies, trademark law is a cure-all tonic for their marketplace travails, and trademark doctrine is so plastic and amorphous that defendants have some difficulty mounting a proper defense. As a result, all too frequently, the threat of a trademark lawsuit causes the intermediary to capitulate and excise valuable content from the Internet.”

I do not perform the Lifestyl- Lift. I disagree with how this procedure is often advertised. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Note: I am spelling it Lifestyl- Lift on purpose…

Thanks for reading.

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