Youth Knows No Pain – Plastic Surgery Documentary

Set your TiVo’s folks! Filmmaker Mitch McCabe has created a documentary on the current state of plastic surgery, premiering at 9pm EST August 31st on HBO. Screenings before this premiere include:

Cinevegas Film Festival : Saturday June 13, 6:30pm, and Sunday June 14, 10am.

Silverdocs Film Festival, D.C. area. Friday June 19, 3:30pm, Sunday June 21, 6:30pm.

Los Angeles: Sunset Gower Studios, June 30th, 7pm

Here’s the lowdown:

In YOUTH KNOWS NO PAIN, an age-obsessed daughter of a plastic surgeon (filmmaker Mitch McCabe) takes a journey through America’s $60 billion a year anti-aging world. In this Alice-in-Wonderland tale, McCabe spends 2 years traveling across America visiting doctors, experts and lives with a cross-section of characters from Minnesota to Texas who’ve gone to varying lengths to “beat the clock”, to paint a funny but troubling portrait of a country that desperately needs to stay forever young. Along the way, one wonders if the filmmaker herself hasn’t been pulled in by the seduction of youth.

“Youth Knows No Pain” is an alternately wry and unsettling journey across that grey zone where physical appearance meets self-esteem. Mitch McCabe has assembled for the film a remarkable group of individuals who collectively reveal that there’s a deep discomfort running through the heart (and body) of contemporary America.”
-Richard Peña, Program Director, Film Society of Lincoln Center

For more information on Youth Knows No Pain, click here for their Facebook page.

Special thanks to Mitch McCabe.

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.

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