6 Simple Tips To Improve Your Brain and Prevent Cognitive Decline

  • Posted on: Dec 18 2017
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Here is a startling statistic: One in 10 people over the age of 65 will suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. It’s scary, but true. The good news is that Alzheimer’s and dementia aren’t controlled only by our genes. YOU have the ability to prevent and reverse memory loss!

I’d like to give you some tips on improving your brain and preventing memory loss. They are directly from my good friend, Dr. Steven Masley, a heart and brain expert.

1. Eat These Foods Every Day: Green leafy vegetables and other vegetables (except potatoes), fatty cold water fish, extra-virgin olive oil, nuts, berries and cherries, dark chocolate, coffee (without added sugar and cream) and green tea, red wine (just one glass at dinner!), herbs and spices, beans, and fermented foods.

2. Avoid These Foods: Trans fats, sugar and refined carbs, and sugar substitutes. His research has shown a HUGE correlation between cognitive decline/dementia and insulin resistance.

3. Consider These Supplements: Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, mixed folates, fish oil, probiotics.

4. Exercise: Doing a wide variety of exercises (including weights) is best if you can. Walking is great, but if you can add some strength training, that’s even better.

5. Take Time to De-Stress : This can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, getting more sleep, deep prayer and/or meditation, yoga, and just plain old having fun.

6. Challenge Your Brain: Learn new things! The phenomenon called neuroplasticity is what occurs when the neurons in your brain create new connections when you do and learn new things. This is great for your noggin and proven to help prevent cognitive decline. Work on crossword puzzles, try a new hobby, read books, and travel to new places. All of these are great for your brain!

Are you concerned about cognitive decline? If so, then I encourage you to take his online Brain Symptom Score Quiz. It’s a simple set of questions that will help you determine whether or not you’re experiencing a drop in cognitive function or early memory loss. It’s completely FREE, and could reveal what is really going on inside your brain. You can access the online quiz by clicking HERE.

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