Celebrity Plastic Surgery on ABC: Did You Watch It?

  • Posted on: Nov 27 2010
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So did any of you watch the ABC Primetime special Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Gone Too Far the other night?  I saw nearly all of it.  Very nicely done special.  A couple thoughts:

1. They presented three celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery: Heidi Montag, Pete Burns, and Janice Dickinson.  These are not, in my opinion, representative of 99% of the plastic surgery that goes on in Hollywood or around the country.  Heidi is a troubled fame junkie, Pete Burns is an obscure English 80’s pop star, and Janice is… well… Janice.  The vast majority of celebrity plastic surgery is performed tastefully on people who benefit from it (see Kelly Rowland, Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson, Patricia Heaton, etc.).

2. They showed two examples of corrective plastic surgery from one of my old friends, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen.  You may recognize him from Dr. 90210’s first season as the doctor who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… and refused it.  There is a growing epidemic of terrible plastic surgery results, in large part due to the increasing number of phony plastic surgeons.  Just the other day two out of three surgeries I performed were to correct bad results from non-plastic surgeons.   We real plastic surgeons are not doing our part to educate the public on the dangers of choosing a surgeon who is not certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

3. They showed two teenagers who underwent cosmetic surgery, one a rhinoplasty and another a breast augmentation.  I didn’t catch their exact ages, but the segment was a bit alarming.  I do not agree with cosmetic plastic surgery on teens except in cases of birth deformities.  I do not know Dr. Franklin Rose except that he was featured in Youth Knows No Pain, an HBO documentary which I made a cameo in as well.

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