Dallas Fort-Worth Doctor Barred From Performing Plastic Surgery After Learning From A Book

  • Posted on: Jun 4 2012
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Interesting story out of the Dallas Fort Worth area:  According to the Star Telegram, Dr. Hector Molina performed a nine hour liposuction surgery on a patient, despite determining earlier that the patient was not suitable for the procedure.  The patient suffered severe complications as a result.  Even worse is Dr. Molina’s lack of training in plastic surgery.  From the Star Telegram:

More problematic, his “entire knowledge” of the procedure consisted of reading a book written by the liposuction equipment maker, completing a two-week online program, passing an online exam and completing one procedure under the supervision of another surgeon, the board said.

Molina is listed in online board records as a general-practice pain-management/rehab physician. He was not at his Irving office Thursday and could not be reached at home.

In a news release last month, the board said Molina was “barred from performing any cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive procedures.”

Stories like these are becoming more and more common.  A couple years ago I received a call from a family doctor in my region asking me to help correct liposuction deformities he caused with a laser liposuction device.  I asked him why on earth he would be performing plastic surgery when he was trained in family practice.  His answer: “I’m good at it, and everyone else is doing it.  Why can’t I?”
Last I heard he was facing a class action lawsuit.
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