Do You Look Younger If You Gain Weight?

A fascinating study has recently been released that compares the aging characteristics between 186 pairs of identical twins. The study from Case Western Reserve University looks at how various environmental factors can affect how old we look, when genetics is completely taken out of the picture (hence the use of identical twins). Here are some of their findings:

-For those aged 40 and younger, the less the twin weighed, the younger they looked.
-For those aged over 40, the more the twin weighed, the younger they looked.
-The twins who smoked and didn’t wear sunscreen looked older than the twins that didn’t smoke and did wear sunscreen.
-Those twins that got divorced looked older (by 1.7 years) than those who did not (the divorced twins also looked older than those who stayed single).
-Those who had taken antidepressants looked older than those who did not.

According to an article about this study in Time magazine,
The bottom line is that if you care mostly about a young-looking face, don’t smoke, don’t spend time in the sun without protection, and try not to get into a bad relationship that will make you depressed. Instead, this summer at the beach, stay inside and have an ice cream. Make it a double scoop.

The fact that the twins (over 40) who weighed more looked younger strengthens the belief that facial volume loss can contribute to aging. The best treatment for this is facial fat grafting.

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