Instant Dimples – The Newest Fad Surgery?

There is an interesting article on that focuses on a fringe plastic surgery procedure: dimple creation. Yes, there is a surgery to create dimples, and it works pretty well. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a new procedure, as plastic surgeons have been performing it for years. According to the article, the procedure costs between $2000-$5000. A quote from a doctor I know well:

Dr. Ellenbogen, who says he’s been performing dimple-plasties for 30 years, says it’s not a particularly common request.
“I get maybe four requests a year and three of the four I talk out if it because they’re doing it for the wrong reason,” he says.

The procedure basically entails making an incision through the inside of the cheek (in the mouth) and using a suture to connect the skin with a deep muscle in the cheek. This creates scar tissue which will cause the skin to indent when smiling, hence creating a dimple. I’ve had a few requests for this procedure over the years, but it really is pretty darn uncommon.

I was never really big into dimples until my daughter was born with one.

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