Latisse – FDA Approved to Enhance Your Eyelashes

Ever thought about having Angelina Jolie eyelashes? Well, put away the glue and false lashes you bought at CVS and head to your local plastic surgeon‘s office instead. The FDA has approved Latisse, the first and only medical treatment scientifically proven to enhance eyelash prominence. Here are some facts:

1. An FDA-approved study found significant increases in eyelash length, thickness, and darkness when compared to placebo.
2. The prescription-strength product was initially used as a treatment for glaucoma, but people using it found that their eyelashes became enhanced while on the medication.
3. It’s applied once a day to the upper eyelashes.
4. Results can be expected by 8 weeks, with maximal results usually present at 16 weeks.
5. When Latisse is discontinued, the changes appear to recede within a couple months.
6. Very few side effects have been reported.
7. Latisse is manufactured and sold by Allergan, the makers of Botox.
8. None of the study participants ended up looking like Tammy Fay Baker, although Greta Garbo is a possibility. (jk)

Although Latisse has been FDA approved, it won’t be in physicians’ offices until at least the end of the month. The cost of the product has not yet been released, to my knowledge. Latisse is estimated to bring in up to $500 million in peak sales, so this one is a biggie. Plastic surgeons have not yet been trained in how to use this product, but I’ve made arrangements to be one of the first to “test drive” it (although not on myself…)

Photo above is a before and after of an actual Latisse patient, courtesy of Allergan.

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.

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