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Have you ever wondered what the real truth is behind medical school and becoming a doctor?  How does a person go from being a college student to a life-saving doctor in four short years?  On top of that, what would possess someone to become a plastic surgeon?

The website Shelf Awareness, well-known in the literary world, has printed a great article about my upcoming memoir, In Stitches, due in April 2011 by Gallery Books.  Here are a couple excerpts:

Now a handsome, articulate, married, celebrity plastic surgeon and media star, Dr. Anthony Youn emphasized that not long ago, “I was a tall, skinny nerd with big glasses, braces and a huge jaw.” And he was not the only medical student like that. “Most doctors are nerds as kids, fish out of water,” he said. “They are not the life-long smooth, self-confident people patients like to imagine and doctors like to project.”

Medical school is where doctors change; it’s “a huge transition” for most future doctors, he continued. At medical school, “you go from being an undergraduate, where you’re there to party and have fun and meet girls, to being a doctor, when people are looking for you to save their lives.”
Unfortunately books about medical students and doctors tend to be testimonials about their live-saving abilities and perpetuate stereotypes of doctors who have always had all the right answers, Youn maintained. The books are serious because “patients want us to be serious.”

But he has a prescription for the lack of reality and humor in books about the making of doctors: it is In Stitches, his memoir that comes out in April that focuses on his four years of medical school with “lots of flashbacks to my childhood.”

There will be more about In Stitches in the coming months, including a new In Stitches website which will reveal excerpts, show ‘deleted scenes,’ and even host several contests and raffles.  If you have any interest in the humorous truth of doctors, medicine, or plastic surgery, and growing up an Asian American, then this just might be the book for you.  To preorder In Stitches, please click  the link below.

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