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Dr. Youn on the CBS Early Show This Morning!

For those of you who caught it, I was given the privilege of being a guest on the CBS Saturday Early Show this morning. We talked about some of the latest trends in plastic surgery, including the Syneron eMatrix and Dysport injections. For a partial transcript, click here. I had a nice time meeting Dr. […]

Dr. Youn’s Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010 (Cont.)

And now, the final four of Dr. Youn’s Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010: 4. The Lunchtime “One Hour” Mini-Facelifts will Continue to Be Exposed For What They Are: Misleading Advertising by Poorly Trained Cosmetic Surgeons – 2009 saw one mini-facelift company fined by a state attorney general for posting false internet reviews. The numbers of […]

Dr. Youn’s Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010

A few weeks ago I posted how I did with my plastic surgery predictions for 2009. So what do I think 2010 has in store for plastic surgery? Here’s a rundown of my Top 8 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010: 8. After a couple years without a new, successful plastic surgery reality program, a new […]

The Bo-Tax is Dead

Breaking News: The Bo-Tax has died. The proposed 5% tax on cosmetic plastic surgery has been removed from the final draft which was agreed to by the final Democratic senator holdout. Hopefully we will not see the Bo-Tax rear its ugly head again… Thanks for reading. Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon Anthony Youn, M.D.

Merry Christmas! You Need to Improve How You Look!

There’s a nice article by Diane Mapes in MSNBC.com called Bad Santa: Gifts That Say You’re Old, Fat, and Hairy. They interviewed me for this one. Find it here. November and December are some of the busiest months for plastic surgeons. There are lots of reasons:1. People have time off to recover.2. People have paid […]

Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery?

There was an interesting segment on 20/20 regarding Do It Yourself plastic surgery. Some of the stories are unbelievable, with some horrific results. I find it amazing that people would buy items on the internet and inject themselves with them. I don’t mind giving injections and performing surgery, but I still can’t look when I […]

How Did I Do With My 2009 Predictions?

One year ago I gave my Top 9 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2009. How did I do? Am I a modern day plastic surgery Nostradamus? Or maybe just full of it? (Dr. Hainer: Don’t Answer That) Well, here are the predictions I gave one year ago and whether they were right or wrong:9. Plastic surgery […]

7 Strange Plastic Surgery Procedures on MSNBC.com

There is an interesting slide show on MSNBC.com listing 7 Strange Plastic Surgery Procedures. Here they are, and whether or not I perform them: 1. Cankle Lipo – I do this surgery occasionally, but there is a high risk of fluid collections and other complications. 2. Earlobe Lift – This is a surgery I perform […]

The BoTax Rears Its Ugly Head

As you may know the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are proposing a 5% tax on all cosmetic plastic surgery (The BoTax) as a way to raise money for the health care plan. This was brought up before, many months ago, but most politicians brushed it off. Some thoughts: 1. This tax disproportionately targets women, […]

Trading Frequent Flier Miles for Plastic Surgery?

Strange story out of Finland: Apparently Finland’s biggest airline, Finair, is offering plastic surgery as a way to redeem frequent flier miles. Some details from kansas.com: It takes 1.32 million points to buy a lower blepharoplasty and 3.18 million points to buy a breast augmentation. That would equal 120 round-trip, business class flights from New […]

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