“Plastic Wives” on Nightline – What Do You Think?

Nightline recently ran a story interviewing the four women on TLC’s Plastic Wives special. They are the wives of four prominent Beverly Hills cosmetic docs, including Extra’s Dayna Devon. I saw a small snippet of the show last night and have it DVR’d, but haven’t caught the whole thing. The interview here, though, and the segment that I’ve seen reveal a side of Beverly Hills plastic surgery that is glamorized and dramatized. I’ve never met any of the doctors on the program, but am familiar with two of them (Dr. Matlock and Dr. Moelleken).

I think viewers should keep in mind that the producers of this show purposely cast plastic surgery wives that would make for a controversial, drama-filled hour. I know several plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills whose wives are nothing like the plastic surgery-addicted women on this program. While it is true that many plastic surgeons operate on their family members (even plastic surgeons in the Midwest), the majority of them haven’t had “head-to-cameltoe” liposuction like they mentioned here. In fact, the only time I’ve operated on my wife is to take off a lipoma from her hip! And that, my friends, doesn’t make a reality show.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of Plastic Wives. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to know what you think.

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  1. I watched the show last night out of curiosity. It was interesting to watch to put it nicely. I like Dayna the best and her husband loves her so much! It was sad to see the relationship between Frances and her daughter though, Frances was quite mean to her daughter. Frances is not attractive when she is drunk and you can see how heartbroken she is over her husband having left her to go be with “younger women, women her daughter’s age” His words, he is so creepy! I thought it was awful when Dayna got pushed into the pool, that was disturbing. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. Alanna and Veronica shoved her into the pool! She was all in costume for that lame S.H.E. party that Frances gave. I was appalled by that. I honestly had trouble sleeping after watching that show. I always joke that I want to marry a successful plastic surgeon but this show made me rethink my humor.

    Comment by Taylor on January 30, 2013 at 4:34 pm

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