Post-Divorce Discounts For Plastic Surgery??

  • Posted on: Apr 1 2013
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The Doctor Oz Show recently aired a segment about plastic surgeons giving discounts for patients who have undergone a recent divorce.  According to a survey conducted by the program, 19% of plastic surgeons offer discounts to women going under the knife!  This trend is somewhat troubling to me, as a board-certified plastic surgeon.  I often see patients who come to see me for surgery after undergoing a divorce, but would never try to discount surgery in order to subtly coerce them into undergoing the procedure.  Sometimes these women (and occasionally men) are in vulnerable psychological states, and I strongly believe it’s wrong for a plastic surgeon to take advantage of that.

The show had an interesting discussion between two plastic surgeons and a psychologist that got a little heated at times.  I agreed with many of the points the psychologist made, but completely reject her statement that most plastic surgeons don’t turn down patients for surgery when they aren’t psychologically good candidates.  I turn down about one out of every 4-5 patients who come to see me, mostly because of unrealistic expectations or psychological issues.

You can catch snippets of the show on the Doctor Oz Show website links below:

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