PowerX – A New Type Of Liposuction Hits The Market

  • Posted on: Nov 11 2011
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There is a new type of liposuction device on the market.  Unlike some of the recent liposuction machines (such as Tickle Lipo and Body Jet) this device doesn’t promise the patient better or quicker results, but promises the doctor an easier time doing surgery.  Power X is produced by Sound Surgical, the innovators of VASER Liposelection.  It’s the newest power-assisted liposuction device that makes it easier for the plastic surgeon to remove fat.  The cannula rotates, allowing fat to be removed quicker, more efficiently, and with less work for the surgeon.  Apparently, it’s also very quiet, unlike the other well-known power-assisted liposuction machine.

I bet you’re going to hear more about Power X in the near future.  As a patient, this technique may reduce your surgical time, thereby saving you money.  It also may help your plastic surgeon from becoming a sweaty mess after performing hours and hours of traditional liposuction like you see on TV.

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