Update on the Phony Doctor Who Injected Fix-A-Flat Into Buttocks

Here is an update on the story I reported last week on the transexual woman who allegedly injected a combination of Fix-A-Flat, cement, mineral oil, and superglue into the victims.  From the Daily Mail:

A transgender woman accused of injecting a
woman’s bottom with cement and tyre sealant has been re-arrested after a second
alleged victim came forward.

Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested for a
second time on fresh charges after the woman came forward claiming she was also
taken in by the alleged cosmetic surgery scam.

This time a man, Corey Alexander Banks, 40,
was also arrested and charged as an accomplice of Morris, who also sports her
own improbably proportioned behind.According to the arrest report, the patient went
to Morris’s home and paid $700 for six injections ‘in each buttock to improve
its shape and cosmetic’ appearance. Morris allegedly used superglue to seal the

Police said after Morris’s arrest they have
been inundated with calls from people claiming to have fallen victim to similar
botched cosmetic procedures.

The second alleged victim told police she had
visited Morris for treatment on the same day as the first woman, but didn’t
develop symptoms as fast, Sergeant Bill Bamford, spokesman for Miami Gardens
police, told NBC Miami.

She visited two hospitals in Miami-Dade and
one in Broward complaining of symptoms including abdominal cramping.

Eubanks allegedly helped Morris carry out a
procedure similar to that apparently inflicted on the first reported victim.

It is claimed the pair used a tube to pump a
potentially lethal concoction of mineral oil, cement and ‘Fix-a-Flat’ into the
woman, then used superglue to seal the wounds.

MSNBC.com asked me to analyze photos of Oneal Morris and explain how on earth a person could develop a butt that massive in proportion to her body.  My best educated guess: String Implants.  You can read my article on MSNBC here.

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  1. Dear Dr. Youn,

    I’m sure you meant well when giving your best guess as to how this woman achieved her unique shape, however I’m guessing you are not aware of the underground plastic surgery scene for transsexual male to female persons. I know of this woman (personally) and she is one of hundreds that obtain medical grade silicon on the black market and inject and shape the silicon for most of the transsexual stage performers and “working girls” in the US. These women do not have the financial means to go to Thailand to get the type of implants and surgeries as you suggested in your online articles.

    I’m not sure if you care to research my comments, validate, etc., but I think it would be a great service if someone respectable, like you, could at least get the correct information into the public domain! I know several girls that have received this type of treatment only to succumb to the effects of toxic silicone poisoning and wish someone could do something about it! Maybe you could update your professional opinion online? Or suggest the topic as a special TV program to one of your many celebrity clients? In addition to the public service, I’m sure there’s a little bit of TV money to be made from it…


    Trina Nichols
    Transsexual MTF
    Louisville, KY

    Comment by Trina Nichols on December 1, 2011 at 6:38 pm

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