5 Great Anti-Aging Foods To Try Now

  • Posted on: Dec 12 2017
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The standard American diet is definitely not the best one for our health and our skin. The chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and bad fats wreak havoc on collagen, which forms the building blocks of our skin and many of our internal organs. Keeping that in mind, here are some anti-aging foods to consider adding to your diet.

1. Kombucha – This fermented drink contains probiotics which are great for our microbiome. Its sweet taste makes it a great substitute for soda pop.

2. Kimchee – Have you tried this Korean side dish? It’s spicy fermented cabbage, and is gaining in popularity. If you like garlic and spicy foods, then it’s worth a try! The probiotics in it are awesome for your gut health.

3. Jackfruit – For those of you looking for a meat substitute, jackfruit just might be it. This massive fruit (one of the largest in the world) is filled with skin-healthy goodies, like protein, potassium, and antioxidants. It’s also used in vegan pulled pork recipes. Yum!

4. Matcha – Are you a tea lover? If so, then try matcha! This hot drink includes the actual tea leaves (instead of steeping it) so it’s filled with more antioxidants than even green tea!

5. Kale – Yes, we all know that kale is great for our skin and our health, but have you ever considered adding some to your morning fruit smoothie to make it a green smoothie? It’s my favorite breakfast drink, and awesome for your skin. A little kale can go a long way, and not change the taste of your sweet smoothie.

I’ve been honored to be named one of the country’s top plastic surgeons in this month’s Town and Country Magazine. They named me one of “The Minimalists: Paragons of the Less is More Approach.” I’m proud to be in such good company!

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