Akron Woman Panhandles For Breast Implants

  • Posted on: Jul 16 2012
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Now I’ve seen everything! An Ohio woman was recently videotaped panhandling for money to buy breast implants! From WUSA9.com:

Dressed in a bikini, Chrissy Lance of Rittman, staked out the corner of Manchester Road and Carnegie Avenue to collect money with a sign that read “Not homeless. Need boobs.”

Rittman, who says she has the required license to panhandle in Akron, says she has raised about $90 and isn’t leaving her spot until she reaches her goal.

She works as a barmaid and says the implants will go far to “help improve her self esteem.”
This is pretty funny. If she wants free implants, you’d think she’d go to myfreeimplants.com instead. This is a website where benefactors donate money to women to help pay for their breast implants. In return, typically all the receiver of the money and implants does is send photos of their new breasts to the benefactor. It sounds sleezy, but people are actually getting their breast implants paid for this way. I had one patient who had her breast augmentation completely covered by the benefactors on this site!

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