Are Toxic Ingredients Hiding in your Skin Care?

  • Posted on: Mar 25 2021
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Did you know the majority of skin care lines, even those sold in plastic surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices contain ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic and hormone disrupting?

Yes, even the most popular and well regarded skin care lines like Skinceuticals, Skinmedica, Obagi, and Neutrogena, contain certain products with potentially harmful chemicals.

As a plastic surgeon, I’ve been trained in how to help people look better. However, during my 10 years of training I received absolutely ZERO education on potentially toxic ingredients in skin care. That’s because most doctors (even dermatologists!) aren’t aware of the potential dangers lurking in the products we put on our skin. I had to do my own research and learn from holistic health practitioners to get this incredibly important information.

Consider that the European Union has banned over 1,000 potentially harmful ingredients in skin care products. What about the FDA here in the States? They have banned only 11. Eleven!

I can’t list all the harmful ingredients, but here are five of the worst ones that you should avoid:

1. Parabens (isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl, etc.) – These are used as preservatives in many skin care products. They can have hormone-altering effects and may even increase the risk of breast cancer.

2. Ethanolamines (DEA, TEA, MEA) – These have been linked to cancer when combined with other ingredients. DEA is banned in the European Union but not the United States.

3. BHA and BHT – These are used to extend shelf life. They are likely human carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

4. Phlalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP and others) – a class of plasticizing chemicals used to make products more pliable or to make fragrances stick to skin. Phthalates disrupt the endocrine system and may cause birth defects.

5. Polyethylene glycol (PEG compounds) – PEGs are widely used in cosmetics as thickeners and moisture-carriers. PEGs may be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane, which are both carcinogens.

Pretty scary, right?

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