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  • Posted on: Jun 10 2021
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It’s the start of summer! Make sure you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, though don’t forget your sunblock and sunglasses!

Summer is the time when we all want the best looking skin and body, but there are many questions and myths surrounding skin care, plastic surgery, and beauty. Let’s correct some common misconceptions:

Myth: Pillow wrinkles won’t become permanent

Actually, sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles. Deep creases from the pillow will begin as temporary, but over the years they can become permanent. Sleeping on your back is the best bet for avoiding this issue, but if you absolutely have to sleep with your face on the pillow, choose a satin or silk pillowcase.

Myth: I have varicose and spider veins because I cross my legs all the time

These types of veins don’t come from crossing your legs. In fact, the real causes are genetics, pregnancy, and standing for long periods of time. You can repair spider veins with procedures like sclerotherapy and laser treatments. If you have a job where you stand a lot, make sure you wear compression hose. They are an absolute must.

Myth: Fat removed during liposuction will come back in a different place or in a weird/lumpy shape

This has always sounded silly to me. If I suck out fat from your thighs, it’s not going to reappear somewhere else on your body. After more than a decade of performing liposuction on more than 2,000 patients, I’ve never had a patient tell me that fat removed from one area came back in a different area.

Myth: Dermaplaning will make the hair on your face grow back thicker and darker

One of the biggest myths out there! No, hair will not grow back darker or thicker. It may look thicker for a short time because the hair growing back in starts out with a blunt end, and looks more noticeable. However, as the hair grows, that blunt end will taper, giving a thinner appearance.

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