Cellulaze – Long Term Cellulite Treatment?

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One of the hottest devices on the market today is Cellulaze, an FDA-approved, long-term cellulite treatment that is all over the local and national media.  Cellulaze is a laser liposuction device produced by Cynosure, makers of SmartLipo.

Cellulaze utilizes a small laser fiber that is reported to reduce three contributing factors of cellulite: fat, fibrous septa that create dimpling, and loose skin.  Unlike most cellulite treatments (like Velashape, Dermosonic, and Endermologie), this is an actual surgery.  But also unlike the other treatments, Cellulaze appears to produce long-lasting results.  One study showed 93% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with their results one year after the treatment.

So what do I think?

I do not own or use the device, nor have I ever tried it.  However, I believe the skin-tightening effects of laser liposuction devices are often over-sold.  The skin may tighten some, but not to the degree that many overzealous doctors advertise.

Cellulaze is definitely a treatment for cellulite that is new, different, and exciting, however.  It’s worth a look for people who are looking for long-lasting cellulite improvement and are willing to undergo minor surgery to get it.

For more on Cellulaze, visit the company’s website HERE.

If you are in the New York area, my good friend Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha is performing Cellulaze.  He’s great.  You can find him HERE.

If you are in the Reno, NV area, check out Dr. Tiffany McKormack for Cellulaze HERE.  She’s awesome, too.


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