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  • Posted on: May 8 2017
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If you’re anything like me, you want to keep getting better and better with every passing day, month and year. You want to continue evolving…AND, you want to do it in an efficient way that maximizes your time and efforts.

This is exactly why my friend Marcie Peters, The Age Backward Mentor, has created a FREE 10-day online event – so you don’t have to wonder what cutting edge, alternative ideas and technologies you’re missing out on! Instead, you can find out directly from the innovators themselves – including myself. Yes, I’m super excited that Marcie tracked me down to speak at this event!

This is about thinking beyond just traditional medicine.

The Cutting Edge Online Convention is filled with alternative and holistic practitioners who cover topics such as ending food cravings and chronic dieting, the future of orthopedics (non-surgical solutions for joint pain and more), how to heal from autoimmune disease and rewrite your genetic code, epigenetics, how to have more energy, passion, and purpose, and more!

I’m excited for you to learn this information and hear my presentation, How To Look Ten Years Younger Without Surgery, on May 10.

You can register for the FREE event HERE. Each set of daily interviews are available for a 24-hour period. There is a wide array of interesting ways to improve your life.

After you register, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to purchase the downloadable presentations (video, audio, and written highlights) for a super low price of less than $1 per set. This will give you IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the cutting edge info. Sounds like a winner to me!

See you there!

Cutting Edge Convention

You can register for the FREE event HERE.

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