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  • Posted on: Mar 18 2022
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We tend to think of our homes as healthy refuges from potential hazards outside. But did you know that our homes also harbor potentially toxic elements that can affect our health? Now that spring is just around the corner, it could be your perfect moment to start thinking of detoxing your home!

Here are some tips to make your homes holistically healthier:

1. Don’t sleep on your phone – Our mobile phones are constantly sending and receiving electromagnetic fields (EMF). Although the research is still early, there are potential health hazards with exposing yourself to too much EMF, such as interfering with your sleep patterns. To lessen the risks, do not sleep with your phone under your pillow or put it to airplane mode if you do.

2. Open your windows – Some studies report that the air inside our houses can be many times more contaminated than the air outside. So when possible, try to open your windows every now and then to get some fresh air inside your home. Today is our first warm day in Detroit, so our windows are wide open!

3. Change your air filters – Speaking of fresh air, when was the last time you changed the air filters in your furnace? Ideally, you should aim to change them every 3 months, more often if you have several pets.

4. Use peppermint essential oil instead of bug repellent – Essential oils can often take the place of toxic household cleaners and chemicals. One of my favorite uses is peppermint oil on and inside my garbage cans. Having two dogs means we have lots of “poop bags” in our trash. Instead of spraying Raid to keep the flies away, try sprinkling peppermint essential oil along the edges of the garbage can. It repels the flies and prevents them from creating maggots (yuck!).

Do you have any holistic home hacks you’d like to share? Please comment on my Facebook or Instagram pages to let me know!

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