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  • Posted on: Jan 9 2023
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I want to give you a word of warning.

Unfortunately, being in the public eye and having success on social media means there will always be people out there creating fake accounts and posing as me to try taking advantage of others. It happens ALL of the time and it’s hard to keep up with all of them. You may have encountered a fake account in the past. Don’t be fooled!

A few months ago, an individual who follows me on social media was contacted by a scam artist posing as me who offered advice, prices, and information regarding plastic surgery. Long story short, the individual believed this scam artist was me, and ended up transferring thousands of dollars to the scammer thinking surgery was imminent. This individual eventually became suspicious and called my office, and then learned she had been conned.

It’s a difficult story to hear, and there’s nothing I can do in that situation. I can, however, pass along that story as a warning and also tell you what to look out for and what to avoid when visiting one of my pages.

1. The main social media accounts I use are always verified, meaning they have some special symbol – typically a check mark – next to the account name. If it doesn’t have this symbol, even if the profile picture is my image, it’s not me! ALWAYS look for the verification symbol, and please report the accounts posing as me that don’t have that symbol.

2. I don’t partake in direct messages over social media or apps like WhatsApp. I’d love to speak with all of you, but that’s simply impossible. If an account that has my photo and information contacts you via a direct message or private message, that’s a red flag.

3. I will NEVER ask you for money, and I do not provide consultations or medical advice over social media platforms or apps. I do not take electronic payments for any surgical services via payment apps. Please do not give out any personal or credit card information over the internet to a user whom you might think is me.

Follow your gut. When in doubt, call my office. If you ever suspect you’re getting scammed by someone posing as me, before you take any further steps, call and talk to one of my team members. They can help verify if the interaction you’re having is legit. Keep yourself safe!

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