Face Yoga – An Alternative To Plastic Surgery?

This one is hilarious. Check out this local news story where a woman claims that making funny, extreme facial expressions (and sounds) can smooth your wrinkles and tighten your face. No, I don’t buy this one at all. If anything, I believe that making some of the faces she recommends can worsen wrinkles, as these expressions can cause the muscles of facial expression to be stronger. It’s the exact opposite of Botox, which smooths wrinkles by weakening muscles. I’d love to see her ‘before-and-afters.’

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  1. I will say that after several years of getting Botox to deal with a brow furrow that I believe I had thanks to a job in corporate America, I quit the job and switched to work that is much more fulfilling. However, it also meant that I couldn’t afford the extravagance that is Botox. I decided to start trying an exercise for my brow furrow, and after about 12 weeks of doing the exercise morning and night (two minutes in the morning, two in the night, as this is the only exercise I’ve bothered with), my results are on par with the Botox treatments, which were actually getting less effective over time. I can see how exercises could increase lines in certain areas of the face, but my results with exercising the glabella to soften the furrow have been very good.

    Comment by Rene on December 23, 2013 at 7:41 pm

  2. What is the best to deal with the signs of aging….. surgery or Botox?

    Comment by cosmetic surgeons on December 24, 2013 at 10:01 am

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