Five Simple & Inexpensive Tips to Look Younger Today!

  • Posted on: May 8 2019
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We all would love to look younger, but the cost can get in the way. So here are five simple tricks that you can employ today to look years younger!

1. Lift Up Your Tongue When Taking Photos – If you don’t like how your neckline looks when taking pictures, try this simple trick: Lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth when smiling. This will create a subtle lift of your neck to make it look tighter.

2. Tweeze Your Eyebrows To Lift Them – This works if you have a combination of low AND somewhat bushy eyebrows. By tweezing the hairs on the undersurface of your eyebrows (Carefully! Or let an expert do it for you), you can increase the distance between your eyelid and your eyebrow, making your eyes look more open and your brows look lifted.

3. Plump Your Lips With Peppermint Oil – If you want plumper lips but don’t want lip injections, put a drop or two of peppermint oil into your lip gloss. Mix it up and then apply the gloss to your lips. Add more drops as needed to make it feel tingly and warm after applying it. The irritation will cause your lips to modestly plump up.

4. De-Puff Your Eyelids With Green Tea and Potatoes – Steep some green tea and put it in the refrigerator to cool. Chop some thin slices of potato, dip them in the chilled green tea, then apply them to your eyelids. The caffeine and cold temperature from the green tea will temporarily tighten your skin, and the starch from the potatoes will create a gradual lightening effect.

5. Dry Brush Prior To Showering – This is a very popular treatment in holistic circles. I recommend you buy a dry brush with natural bristles. Prior to showering, take a few moments to brush the skin of your entire body. Brush towards your heart, which is the general direction of the lymphatics. Then take a nice, warm shower (not hot). The exfoliation will cause your skin to feel softer than it has in years. Here is a link to an natural dry brush on Amazon: CLICK HERE

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Episode #136– The Healthy Skin Diet with Jennifer Fugo– The health of our bodies shows on our skin. Rashes, eczema, and even wrinkles can all be caused by health issues going on elsewhere, especially our gut. This gut-skin axis is one of the hottest topics in holistic skin health today.

So what diet is best for improving the health of your skin? Should you eat gluten-free? What about dairy? How much protein should you eat each day? And what does stress have to do with all this?

On this episode, I’m joined by a nutritionist who is an expert in the gut-skin connection. She’s going to give you the tools to determine what could be the underlying root cause of your skin issues. We’ll cover which foods to eat and which to avoid, what simple lifestyle changes can reap huge rewards in your skin, and even a simple DIY test to determine if you are making enough stomach acids to digest your food properly. It’s an information-packed show.

To learn more, listen HERE with Apple devices or HERE with Android phones. 

Episode #135 – The Holistic Beauty Blacklist – Avoid These Cosmetic Treatments with Dr. Anthony Youn – It seems every day I read a new story about popular cosmetic procedures that we used to believe were safe and effective, only to realize that they have complications we hadn’t known about. There are also cosmetic treatments being touted as the newest, best thing, but in reality just don’t work.

So, for this podcast I’ve compiled a list of seven popular cosmetic treatments that I highly recommend you avoid. These seven are part of my Holistic Beauty Blacklist. They are among the most popular cosmetic treatments today, but I do not recommend them due to their risks of death, disfigurement, or the fact that they just don’t work.

Yet, shockingly, they are being performed every day all over the country, often by inexperienced hands. This is a scary episode, but one that should be listened to by anyone considering going under the knife of needle.

Listen HERE on Apple devices or HERE on Android.

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