How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat NOW!

  • Posted on: Nov 16 2021
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Having stubborn areas of fat is frustrating, but there are effective ways to get rid of it without going under the knife!

Here are my favorites!


SculpSure – This laser treatment heats up fat cells, causing them to die. We can treat up to four areas at one time in a 25-minute session. Sculpsure is perfect for those stubborn areas of fat on the abdomen, flanks, arms, or thighs that just won’t disappear. The average fat reduction is 24 percent after only one to two treatments! See the special at YOUN Plastic Surgery (YPS) below for our signature treatment series called Sculpsure PLUS!

EmSculpt – Although this 30-minute treatment is mainly used for increasing muscle, it can also reduce fat at the same time! Studies have shown EmSculpt can reduce fat by an average of 19 percent! The treatment is painless and uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles, helping you get a more chiseled six-pack or a more lifted butt.

Kybella – This is an injection that melts away small areas of fat! Although it’s FDA approved for the double chin, it can be used “off label” to reduce small pockets of fat elsewhere as well. Optimal results can take 2-4 treatments, but the results are permanent!

Intermittent Fasting (IF) – This is something you can do at home to make that stubborn fat disappear! During IF, you only eat during an eight-hour window each day. To take fasting to the next level, I recommend trying the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) – a five-day diet where you eat a limited amount of specially chosen foods to trick your body into thinking it’s fasting. Studies are showing that the FMD can preferentially reduce belly fat! Check it out by clicking HERE.

We offer Sculpsure, Kybella, and EmSculpt at my office in Troy, Michigan. Call us at (248) 273-7700 if you’re interested in learning more!

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My guest this week is a physician who specializes in a functional medicine approach to weight loss. This approach takes in more than just the simple calories in/calories out. Our weight is much more complicated than that, and our hormones play a huge role. On this podcast we discuss why some people who have a calorie deficit don’t seem to lose weight, what medical conditions can play a role in this, and Leptin Resistance – the hidden secret to weight loss.

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