New Ways To Lose Fat Without Surgery

  • Posted on: Jun 27 2018
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Several years ago I said on The Rachael Ray Show that non-invasive fat reduction is the holy grail of plastic surgery. Not only have we achieved this, but it seems that new treatments to reduce fat without surgery are hitting the market every month. Here are some of the newest options for fat reduction without surgery, some of which most plastic surgeons don’t even know about yet!

1. Ultraslim – This interesting new treatment claims to reduce an average of 3.5 inches and 1.6 liters of fat after one 32 minute session! It utilizes a patented type of red light therapy to do this without any pain, discomfort or downtime. Sounds too good to be true? I have to believe that it is. Time will tell, but buyer beware until then!

2. Emsculpt – This new treatment utilizes high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to target the fat and muscle of the abdomen or buttocks. Early studies show that after four treatments subjects lost fat and actually gained muscle. It’s believed that the electrical stimulation of the muscle causes it to increase in size, as if it’s being exercised. But is the muscle gain permanent? That’s the interesting question!

3. Kybella for armpit fat – Kybella is FDA approved for reducing double chin fat. At YPS we’ve performed this procedure on many, many patients with dramatic results. We’re also now using it on other areas, such as protruding armpit fat. I’ve performed liposuction on the armpits with decent results, but the use of Kybella in these areas is a nice, non-surgical option.

4. Silkn Lipo – This at-home fat reducing device uses low light lasers to reportedly reduce fat from isolated areas. It’s painless and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Like Ultraslim, is it too good to be true? It just received FDA clearance a couple weeks ago and is being shipped to the first customers. Once I start hearing reviews I’ll let you know!

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