Plastic Surgeons Prefer Traditional Tumescent Liposuction Over Other Liposuction Types

  • Posted on: Feb 26 2011
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The latest journal of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveals a survey that found the majority of cosmetic plastic surgeons prefer traditional tumescent liposuction over all the other types of liposuction put together.  According to the study:

• Most currently employ or have previous experience with SAL (traditional tumescent lipo – 92.7 percent), UAL (ultrasound assisted lipo – 59.6 percent), and PAL (power-assisted lipo – 44.7 percent). Fewer have experience with LAL (laser assisted lipo – 12.8 percent), mesotherapy (5.7 percent) or noninvasive devices (12.8 percent);
• Preference rates for fat-removal techniques were 51.4 percent for SAL; PAL, 23 percent; UAL, 20.9 percent; LAL, 3.9 percent; and noninvasive devices, 0.8 percent;
• Respondents felt that newer fat-removal technologies compared unfavorably with more traditional methods in terms of complications;
• Most respondents (68.3 percent) felt that marketing was the most common reason that patients choose newer treatments such as LAL.

These results mirror my opinions of these treatments.  I recommend to my patients the following:

1. Regular SAL for most first time female patients who was looking for a significant fat loss (1 liter or greater of fat to be removed)

2. UAL (I use Ultrasculpt) for men with gynecomastia (breasts) or people having revision surgery.

3. LAL (I use Lipolite)  for small areas, such as under-the-chin.

4. I do not use PAL, although am interested in purchasing a machine some day.  I do not recommend mesotherapy (not FDA approved).

5. I believe the nonsurgical treatments like Zerona and Zeltiq work, but expectations and patient satisfaction are my big concern with these modalities.

Make sure to consult a REAL plastic surgeon who is a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)!

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