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  • Posted on: Feb 10 2011
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This is the video from my appearance on Good Morning America Health today. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released its statistics for 2010, revealing that cosmetic plastic surgery was up 5% from 2009. Some notable bits:

1. Breast augmentation remains the #1 cosmetic surgery procedure, with nearly 300,000 women undergoing the surgery. 60% of women decided to receive silicone gel implants (consistent with my practice).
2. Facelift surgeries are up 9%, a possible consequence of consumers figuring out the lunchtime quickie facelifts seen in commercials are usually sham procedures done by phony plastic surgeons.
3. Botox and Dysport injections are up 12%, with no end in sight to the popularity of these very effective, and now more affordable treatments. Consequently, browlift surgeries continue to steadily decline with the greater popularity of Botox/Dysport.
4. The majority of body contouring surgeries are up as well, likely due to the greater numbers of people losing massive amounts of weight through bariatric surgeries.
5. Fat grafting is up 14%, as more and more plastic surgeons learn about the power of fat to reshape faces, breasts, and buttocks. This is the procedure I learned during my fellowship in L.A. which has benefitted me the most.
6. The interviewer, Tanya Rivero, was great, but I don’t think I was my usual self. I nearly lost my voice due to bronchitis and, if you look closely, you can see the earpiece slowly falling out of my ear. No wonder I had a hard time hearing her!

Thank you to Bonita Sostre and the staff at GMA Health for inviting me on the show!

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