Should You Do These Cosmetic Treatments?

  • Posted on: Nov 21 2022
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There are a number of treatments that are being advertised and hyped which I’m not 100% on board with (yet). Here are some of those, and my thoughts on each.

1. Facial muscle stimulation – Have you heard of microcurrent facials? These have been around for many years and are performed in medspas but also at home, such as the popular NuFace. Although there is very little science to support that they work (mainly because there just aren’t studies published on them), they’re really popular with holistic practitioners and their followers. Now stimulating the facial muscles using electromagnetic currents has made it to actual doctors’ offices as FDA cleared medical devices. They go by the names triLift and EmFace. I haven’t tried these devices yet, but time will tell whether they are legit or just another passing fad.

2. Carboxytherapy – Should you inject carbon dioxide gas into your eyelids to reduce dark circles? The idea behind carboxytherapy is that injecting CO2 under the skin can increase circulation, leading to all kinds of benefits like less wrinkles, reduction of fat pockets, improved cellulite, and a whole lot more. Although it may not be as dangerous as it sounds or looks, there are no studies that I could find that definitively prove carboxytherapy works. Until then, I’d stick with the more conventional and proven anti-aging treatments.

3. IV Vitamin Infusions – My holistic friends won’t like me for this, but I am opposed to IV Vitamin infusions. My colleagues recommend it for hydration, reducing inflammation, overcoming hangovers, and overall wellness. I don’t argue that there may be some benefit to these treatments, but my concern is that every time you put an IV into a vein you create scar tissue. Anyone who has worked ER’s, surgery, or ICU’s knows that getting IV access can be very difficult in people as they get older. It’s possible that having a ton of IV’s when you’re younger may backfire when you’re older by rendering your veins scarred and unusable when you really need them.

4. Fat Grafting to Breasts – Although this surgery can be safe and moderately effective, the reason why I don’t perform it very often is the concern I have with it promoting future breast cancer. Consider that 1 in 9 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, and that fat is chock full of stem cells. So what happens when you inject fat (and their stem cells) into breast tissue? Is it possible that those stem cells could theoretically cause a cluster of abnormal cells to become cancerous much quicker than they otherwise would? These questions have not been fully answered, yet many plastic surgeons are performing this operation cosmetically without considering the possible long term risks. At this point it’s unknown, so I’m holding off on giving this surgery my 100% approval. Although breast implants have their own potential issues, I believe they are a better option than fat grafting in most of my patients.

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