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The newest, most talked-about procedures in plastic surgery aren’t necessarily the best. I’ve been reminded about it lately from several patients who’ve had complications or “near-misses” from other doctors. So here are some of the hottest procedures in cosmetic surgery today… and why you should definitely avoid them.

1. The Lip Lift – There is a trend among young people to undergo an upper lip lift. Doctors are performing it on Instagram and touting it as a great new procedure for young people. Unfortunately, this invasive surgery has been around since the early 1980’s (I learned how to do it in 2003), and can create terrible scars in younger people. It should only be considered for people over 65 with a very thin, long upper lip.

2. Donut Breast Lift – I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen who’ve had this surgery done, leaving them with areolas the width of pie plates. Doctors tout the shorter scars (no vertical or underneath scar like the lifts I typically do), but neglect to mention that your areolas will likely widen and the scars spread into a starburst shape. Buyer beware!

3. Bellafill – Yes, it’s FDA approved, but no I do not recommend it to my patients. Permanent fillers can create permanent problems, and if you want it removed, the only option you have is to ask a surgeon cut it out. Big scars. Not good.

4. Branded Mini-Facelifts – One of my Facebook followers asked me about the Q Lift this week. I had another ask me about threadlifts. And another inquiring about a Nova Lift. Here’s a big rule to keep in mind: All these branded mini-facelifts are bogus. They don’t work (at least in most patients) and are just marketing gimmicks to trick you into handing over your wallet. Please don’t fall for their empty promises!

5. Laser Liposuction and Ultrasonic Liposuction – These are old technology. Several years ago they were touted as better versions of lipo, but they’ve both gone by the wayside. Most of these devices are now sitting in plastic surgeons’ offices acting as very expensive coat racks. That being said, if someone falls for spending extra for the treatment, some of these surgeons would happily dust it off and fire it up.

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Although the development of breast cancer can have certain strong genetic components, you have more control over your chances of whether you will develop breast cancer, and how advanced the cancer is if you do develop it, than many people realize. And my guest this week can show you how to reduce your risk of breast cancer and diagnose it at an earlier stage than previously thought possible.

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On this episode, I’m joined by the country’s top expert in vaginal rejuvenation. She’s going to tell you all about the newest options, including the labial puff, scarless labiaplasty, Viveve, Votiva, ThermiVa, the OShot, and more. And she’s going to reveal a simple, take home device where you can get these results in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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