Swap your beauty products with these natural alternatives

  • Posted on: Mar 19 2018
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Everyday we expose ourselves to potentially dangerous substances in our beauty products. Here are three options to get the results you want without potentially harmful chemicals and medicines:

1. Replace your sleeping pills with essential oils – Nearly 9 million American adults use prescription sleep aids, often highly addictive pills like benzodiazepines. Essential oils are an all-natural, drug-free way to get a better night’s sleep. By combining a combination of lavender and bergamot many people find their sleep is more restful and easier to obtain.

2. Replace your oxybenzone sunscreen with sunblock – Studies show that one of the most common sunscreen ingredients, oxybenzone, is definitely absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause hormone disruption – both estrogenic and anti-androgenic effects. It also creates potentially harmful free radicals when exposed to sunlight. Still, oxybenzone is present in over 600 sunscreens sold in the United States. Instead, use physical sunblock containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for your body, and sunscreen containing Mexoryl SX or avobenzone for your face (they don’t leave a white hue behind).

3. Replace your aluminum antiperspirant for MiraDry – Most traditional antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds. There are studies that suggest that aluminum may be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease, although the connections are definite. MiraDry is an in-office procedure that uses microwave energy to permanently destroy sweat glands. One large study found an 82% reduction in sweat after 12 months.

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