EMSCULPT: The Most Exciting New Cosmetic Treatment in Many Years!

  • Posted on: Oct 14 2019
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What is the most exciting new treatment since non-invasive fat reduction?

Emsculpt is a new, non-invasive option to thicken muscle, reduce fat, and even narrow a diastasis recti (the separation between the abdominal muscles many women get after having children). It utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate your muscles to contract 20,000 times in one 30 minute session.

The latest study has found that after six months (without any other changes to diet or activity level) the subjects had 15% larger muscles, 19% reduction in fat thickness, and 11% reduction in abdominal muscle separation!

It’s used most commonly on the abdomen to get better definition and the buttocks to tighten and round them out. Check out the results below!

The longevity of the results is what’s floored me. Studies are even showing results one year later!

A typical Emsculpt treatment session lasts 30 minutes, and the muscle contractions it creates can feel somewhat crampy. I’ve undergone the treatments and am seeing some nice changes myself! The standard protocol is four sessions over the span of two weeks. Results can take a couple months to realize.

This treatment isn’t for weight loss and is best for people at or near their ideal body weight. We are combining it with Sculpsure fat-reducing treatments for those who are interested in even more fat reduction!

The cost of the standard Emsculpt protocol (4 sessions) is $3000. We are contractually obligated to not discount Emsculpt. However, for a limited time, we are offering a $250 credit to any other in-office treatments for anyone who purchases Emsculpt. This credit can be used on Botox, fillers, IPL, YPS Gold Filltox Facial, and other treatments.

IF you want to combine the Emsculpt protocol with the Sculpsure Plus protocol (for maximal increase in muscle and reduction of fat), then we are offering $500 off your Sculpsure treatments (normally $1997), for a total price of $4497. This includes four Emsculpt treatments, two Sculpsure treatments, and three radiofrequency treatments.

Please call us at (248) 273-7700 for your F-R-E-E consultation on Emsculpt!


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