10 Holistic Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2018

  • Posted on: Jan 5 2018
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2017 was an exciting time for holistic plastic surgery! Word spread across the country about the benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet to reverse disease and slow aging. New injectable fillers, like Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne, hit the market, giving doctors and patients even more options to turn back the clock. And non-invasive fat reduction, such as Sculpsure, became mainstream, with hundreds of thousands benefiting.

So what do I see in my crystal ball for holistic plastic surgery in 2018? Here are some of my predictions for the upcoming year.

1. All-natural and organic skin care products will explode in popularity. Companies like Beautycounter and my own brand, YOUN Beauty, will lead the way, as consumers become aware of the potential dangers of unnecessary additives, preservatives, and fragrances.

2. The public will embrace nutraceuticals as valid tools to slow down the aging process. The focus will be on collagen-containing drinks, such as easy-to-prepare bone broth.

3. Nonsurgical buttock enhancement will become more popular than surgical enhancement.The public will become more aware that fat transfer to the buttocks (The Brazilian Butt Lift) is the most dangerous cosmetic operation being performed today, and will therefore gravitate to less-invasive options.

4. The “internal bra” will revolutionize breast lifts. A new absorbable mesh called Galaflex will give patients longer-lasting results than ever.

5. The Ideal Implant will become more popular than the Gummy Bear Implant. Fears of the rare but dangerous cancer BIA-ALCL will prompt more and more women to choose smooth shelled implants like the Ideal Implant.

6. Nonsurgical tummy tucks will gain popularity. BodyTite, FaceTite, and Thermi RF will allow more
plastic surgeons to offer less-invasive options for tightening skin.

7. Major celebrities will reveal that they’ve had non-surgical rejuvenation of their private parts. So many celebs are doing it, that it’s inevitable some will have to come forward.

8. Transgender plastic surgery will take the spotlight. These are quite possibly the fastest growing
plastic surgeries in the country, so plastic surgeons will begin advertising their services to this
segment of the population.

9. Social media fame will cause cosmetic docs to push the envelope to dangerous lengths.
Instagram is the new Dr. 90210. To gain attention and followers, unscrupulous doctors will take
unnecessary risks in the operating room, with potentially devastating results.

10. We’ll see a “Better Botox” get FDA approval. It’s the most popular cosmetic treatment in the history of the world, but some worthy competitors are in the FDA approval pipeline right now. I think we’ll see at least one arrive in doctor’s offices in 2018.

We spent Christmas this year in sunny California. While I do like a white Christmas, I can’t lie and tell you it wasn’t nice being in shorts and a T-shirt on Christmas day! I hope you had a merry Christmas. Here’s to a fun and safe New Years Day for you as well!

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