Be Aware of These Filler Complications

  • Posted on: Jul 23 2021
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What can go wrong with injectable fillers? Well, more than you might think. It’s always a good idea to know the risks that accompany cosmetic treatments like filler injections before sitting down for the procedure.

Here are some complications with facial filler you should be aware of!

Stiffness – This is probably the most common issue, usually when too much filler or the wrong filler has been injected. This problem is most recognizable in the lips and the nasolabial folds, as the injected area will look stiff. You’ve probably seen a Hollywood star with this complication.

Lumps – Fillers can cause lumps wherever they’re injected. Typically this happens because too much has been injected or because it has been injected too close to the surface of the skin. But here’s the good thing: lumps can often be treated easily if the filler is hyaluronic acid-based (like Juvederm or Restylane). With the exception of Sculptra, we ONLY use hyaluronic acid fillers at YPS!

Trout Pout – Have you heard this term before? A “trout pout” refers to when there is too much filler in the upper lip and not enough in the lower lip, causing disproportion. On average, the lower lip is 50 percent larger than the upper lip, so only injecting the upper lip or injecting too much there can cause the upper lip to look too big!

You can lose parts of your face – This is not a common complication, but it can happen! If filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel, you can lose parts of your face – called necrosis. Your lip, nose, and other areas are susceptible. One way to prevent this is to ask your doctor to use a cannula whenever possible. Cannulas are blunt needles that come with a lower risk of this complication.

Blindness – Horrifying, right? It’s extremely rare, but has occurred in the worst cases. Due to the anatomy of the upper face, fillers can cause blindness if they’re accidentally injected into the wrong place. The area with the highest risk of this happening is the glabella – the area of the forehead at the top of the nose and between the eyebrows. Stick with Botox there if you can!

Now you know!

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