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  • Posted on: Feb 13 2020
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Did you know the EU has banned 1300 potentially harmful ingredients in skin care products, whereas the US has banned only eleven? Yes, our skin care is filled with ingredients that have been implicated in cancer, hormone disruption, and a lot more. Here are five potentially harmful skin care ingredients that I recommend you avoid:

1. Parabens – Isopropyl-, butyl-, isobutyl- etc.- These chemicals are used as preservatives. They are considered xenoestrogens, mimicking estrogen in the body and altering hormones. There is also a potential relation to breast cancer.

2. Ethanolamine – DEA, TEA, MEA- These substances are used to make skin care products feel creamy. Their exposure has been linked to liver cancer and precancerous changes in thyroid and the skin.

3. Phthalates – DBP, DEHP, DEP and others – These chemicals make products more pliable, but may cause birth defects and cancer.

4. Polyethylene Glycol – These are widely used as thickeners and moisturizers. The problem is their potential contamination with ethylene oxide and 1,4 dioxane, both of which are carcinogens.

5. Formaldehyde Releasers – Quaternium, diazolidinyl urea, DMD hydantoin – These substances release formadehyde in the air. Formaldehyde is known to cause DNA damage and cancer.

Scary, right?

This is why I recommend clean skin care products made with natural and organic ingredients. Some brands that fall under this umbrella include Beautycounter, The Ordinary, Anne Marie Skin Care, The Spa Dr Skin Care, and my brand, YOUN Beauty.

If you are buying a skin care product that isn’t one of these brands, then I encourage you to look it up at the Environmental Working Group website and/or the Think Dirty app. Both of them score popular beauty products on the amounts of potentially harmful ingredients they contain.

Here’s to safe beauty!

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Episode #176 The Ultimate Anti Aging Skin Care Routine – Essences. Masks. Copper. Retinol. Vitamin C. Today there are more categories of skin care products and important ingredients in these products than anyone can learn and master. If you’re like the vast majority of women and men in the United States, the sheer number of different kinds and brands of skin care products on the shelves leaves you confused. Which of the hundreds of different products sitting on shelves in front of you do you actually buy?

Well, rest assured. You’re not alone. Most plastic surgeons and even dermatologists get confused, too. It’s not easy to keep up with all the trends and new products in skin care today.

On today’s episode, we’re going to get to the bottom of skin care. I’ll reveal what skin care products you need, which may be considered a helpful splurge, and which ones you can definitely avoid. And, I’m going to give you what I consider the Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine.

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Episode #175How to Fix Your Sugar Brain with Dr. Mike Dow – Do you have a “sugar brain?”

Sugar brain is the term coined by my guest this week, Dr. Mike Dow. It describes the actual physical shrinkage that occurs when you eat too much sugar and other unhealthy foods. Yes, eating too much sugar can actually make your brain smaller!

On this episode, we dive deep into sugar brain and its connections to how you feel, how your brain functions, and your eating habits. For example, did you know that the food you eat can have major effects on anxiety and depression? Or that such acts as obsessive eating, emotional eating, and binge eating can fuel sugar brain? And Dr. Mike explains why he believes a combination of a ketogenic and Mediterranean diet is the best for your overall health, longevity, and avoiding the sugar brain.

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