Five Plastic Surgery Secrets You Need To Know

  • Posted on: Jan 29 2019
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I hope you’re staying warm! We are in the middle of quite a cold spell here in Michigan.

This week I’ve compiled a number of plastic surgery secrets that I think you will find fascinating. These secrets may be hard to believe, but they’re true! Here they are…

1. Fat can get thicker after Coolsculpting – One of the reasons why I don’t offer Coolsculpting at YOUN Plastic Surgery (YPS) is because of a very tiny risk of fat actually getting thicker, not thinner, after Coolsculpting. I decided to add Sculpsure to my practice instead. Sculpsure takes only 25 minutes (compared to 60 minutes with Coolsculpting) and can treat up to four small areas at a time! Currently we have a special on Sculpsure at YPS – $1997 for two treatments, with Forma radiofrequency in between for maximal fat loss! Call (248) 273-7700 for details.

2. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has the highest mortality rate of all cosmetic surgeries – Recent surveys have found that the death rate after BBL is much higher than doctors and patients have previously realized. This is likely due to the accidental injection of fat into large blood vessels in the buttocks. Be very choosy with your doctor if you consider this operation, since some doctors may not know how to prevent this horrible complication from happening.

3. Filler injections can make you go blind – This is an extremely rare complication, but the accidental injection of a filler into a blood vessel can cause major problems, ranging from scarring to blindness. In order to prevent this, I and my injector specialists at YPS routinely use a cannula for injecting filler. Although there is no way to 100% prevent the injection of a filler into a blood vessel, using a cannula can substantially reduce the risk.

4. The bigger the ad, the worse the doctor – Have you seen ads for cosmetic surgeons in your local glossy magazines? In the Metro Detroit area, our most popular one, HOUR Magazine, is filled with ads for plastic and cosmetic doctors. The ads tout the doctors as being the most requested and reputable plastic surgeons, but the truth is, some of these are the worst doctors in the area. Good plastic surgeons typically rely on word-of-mouth to get patients and don’t have to spend upwards of $7000 to buy an ad each month. Buyer beware!

5. Implants can make your breasts sag – Contrary to popular opinion, breast enhancement will not prevent you from needing a bra. In fact, they will make your breasts larger and heavier, causing them to gradually droop more quickly as you age! For this reason, I recommend my patients choose the smallest implant size they are certain will make them happy. This will help prevent premature drooping over the years.

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Here are the latest episodes of my podcast, The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show. Please SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a single information-packed show!

Episode #122 Holistic Plastic Surgery: What to Eat, Apply, and Do to Look Younger with Dr. Alexes Hazen – Not every plastic surgeon practices holistic plastic surgery. But my guest this week does.

Dr. Hazen is a plastic surgeon who encourages her patients to take a more holistic viewpoint in how they take care of themselves.

On this episode, we’ll discuss exactly what holistic plastic surgery means to Dr. Hazen. We’ll reveal what she recommends for eating (such as decreasing gluten!), putting on the skin, advice for getting better sleep, and treatments to turn back the clock. She’ll also tell us why she hasn’t jumped on every holistic health bandwagon, and what criteria she uses to determine what’s good for her and her patients.

To learn more, listen HERE with Apple devices or HERE with Android phones.

Episode #121 – Natural and Nontoxic Solutions for Healthy and Whiter Teeth with Trina Felbe– What is the first thing you notice about someone?

For me, it’s their teeth! But did you know that some of the most popular treatments may not be what’s best for our teeth?

My guest this week is an expert in natural and non-toxic solutions to healthy and whiter teeth. She’s going to share with us her revolutionary treatments to whiten your smile and improve the health of your mouth and gums.

So if you are interested in improving your smile, and you want to do it non-toxically, then this is the episode for you.

Listen HERE on Apple devices or HERE on Android.

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