Habits To AVOID This Winter!

  • Posted on: Dec 14 2022
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I get it – it can be difficult to acquire and maintain motivation to do the right things for our health when the days are dark and cold during the winter months. I struggle with it too! However, it’s important to avoid falling into the trap of a number of habits that can hurt us in the long run.

Here are three habits to avoid this winter!

Taking Hot Showers – It’s incredibly tempting to put the hot water on full blast when the frigid temps arrive, but showering in hot water is terrible for your skin and causes it to become dry. Instead, take warm showers or baths and don’t stay in for too long. Finish up by moisturizing within two minutes after your shower to lock in hydration for hours!

TIP: Dry Brushing – If you’re finding that your skin is too dry, itchy, and flaky when it’s cold, then consider dry brushing to exfoliate your skin. I recommend using a brush with organic bristles, then brush your body in the direction of the lymphatics. In general, this is from outside to inside. Dry brushing before you shower is a great way to soften your skin and keep it hydrated,

Skipping Your Workouts – This might be a no-brainer, but exercise is significantly important during this time. Think about it – many of us are more sedentary during the cold months, we tend to over-indulge on fats and sweets due to the holidays, and winter time is prime time for germs trying to get the best of our immune systems. Make sure to get in at least 20 minutes of exercise at least every other day to help combat sickness and unwanted weight gain. A treadmill is the best purchase I’ve ever made for my health!

TIP: Download a Workout App! My wife got me into Peloton, first via the app and then with the bike. Access to the Peloton app isn’t exceedingly expensive (currently it’s free for the first month), and it contains tons of yoga, pilates, strength and bootcamp workouts, meditation, and more! It’s a great resource for the winter months when you don’t want to venture outside or to the gym.

Spending Too Much Time Indoors – Unlike during the summer months, it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to get outdoors when there’s less daylight and harsher weather conditions to contend with during winter. But we need to get outside, even for a short time! The fresh air is great for us, and when we’re cooped up all day, we could be breathing in allergens, dust, germs, and other impurities that could harm our health. When the sun is shining, the Vitamin D is also great for our mood and immune system. So bundle up and get out there!

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