Holistic tips for sunburn relief!

  • Posted on: Aug 4 2022
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It happens – we’re so busy we forget to wear sunscreen or re-apply it throughout the day, and our skin becomes sunburned. Although sunburns come with many different qualities – stinging, itching, dryness, flaking, burning – typically we want relief from it all as fast as possible.

Instead of reaching for medications or creams filled with potentially harmful chemicals that might cause more damage to your skin, there are natural ways to soothe a sunburn that are inexpensive, effective, and take advantage of ingredients you likely already have in your home!

Aloe Vera: Our moms were right – aloe vera is the gold standard when it comes to treating sunburns! But before you purchase the gel in a bottle, read the label. Some of them also contain alcohol which may sting when applied. Others may contain petroleum, which can trap the heat in your skin and worsen the damage. The best option is to use 100% aloe vera gel or close to it. You can often find the leaves ready for cutting in organic markets or health food stores. Chilling the gel or plant before use adds extra relief! HERE is an aloe vera gel I recommend!

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps relieve the pain, inflammation, and itching from a sunburn! Soak a paper towel in apple cider vinegar then squeeze out the excess. Apply the damp towel to the burned skin like a compress. Let it sit for approximately 15 minutes or until dry. The apple cider vinegar will feel soothing to your sunburned skin!

Black Tea: The Chinese recommend applying black tea to relieve sunburns. The tannic acid and theobromine in black tea will soothe pain and draw out the heat, while the catechin antioxidants help to repair the skin! Simply brew about three bags of black tea into a pitcher of lukewarm water and let them steep until the water turns a dark color. Add some ice cubes into the tea to chill it. Then, dip a washcloth into the tea and dab it onto the affected area, letting the tea absorb into the skin. Reapply as desired. Some recommend leaving the tea on the skin overnight without washing it off, allowing its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components optimal time to do their work.

I hope these tips provide all the relief you need!

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