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I am writing this newsletter while on a plane back from Las Vegas. If you follow our daily video posts on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that I spent the past week at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2017. This multispecialty conference brings together the top plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and oculoplastic surgeons to share the latest and greatest ideas in our fields. I was privileged to be an invited faculty member.

Here are the hottest topics from VCS 2017:

1. Scarless Breast Lift – Unfortunately, breast lifts come with a lot of permanent scars. However, that may be changing. Some doctors are using radiofrequency devices like Thermi to tighten the skin of the breasts and create a modest breast lift. The results I saw at the meeting ranged from impressive to barely visible. My recommendation: It’s a great idea, but the results aren’t consistent enough for me to give it my stamp of approval…yet.

2. Non-Invasive Fat Reduction – This is all the rage in cosmetic medicine. Although Coolsculpting is the most common, Sculpsure is the hottest and newest one to hit the market. Don’t bother with low light laser treatments like Zerona. My recommendation: This is the real deal, but the results aren’t dramatic like liposuction. We just obtained Sculpsure and are currently testing it out on me and my team. Please don’t call for the treatment yet. We’ll let you know when we start offering it!

3. New Injectable Fillers – All of a sudden, three revolutionary new fillers have hit offices: Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne, and Juvederm Vollure. Refyne and Defyne are specially formulated to smooth or plump areas of the face that move – like the lips and lower face. Vollure is similar to Juvederm Ultra Plus, but lasts much longer. My recommendation: We’ve already begun using Refyne and Defyne in my practice, and the results are smoother than anything we’ve ever seen. I’m waiting to try Vollure, but if it’s anything like Juvederm Ultra Plus, then I think we have a winner!

4. Holistic Is Going Mainstream – One dermatologist gave a great talk about the holistic approach to anti-aging. She re-iterated much of the advice that I’ve given you about diet, lifestyle, and skin care and showed how scientific evidence supports all of this. One thing I didn’t know before: smoking can cause your hair to thin! If you or someone you love has thinning hair and is a smoker, then quitting smoking could make a big difference.

I’ll be sharing more of the fascinating information I’ve learned at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery over the coming weeks on my social media pages and podcast. Feel free to follow us on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE. Every weekday my team and I reveal what’s happening at YPS, and I give you my Holistic Plastic Surgeon Tip of the Day.

We’d love for you to join the fun.

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I hope these simple tips have been helpful for you!

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