Stem cells, PRP, Growth Factors?

  • Posted on: Mar 4 2020
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Have you heard of regenerative medicine?

Simply put, it’s cutting edge medicine that utilizes your body’s own tissues to rejuvenate itself. Two categories of regenerative medicine that are very popular today are stem cells and growth factors.

Stem cell therapies have advanced incredibly over the past ten years. Much of the concern regarding the ethics of harvesting stem cells have fallen away as we’ve discovered new ways to obtain stem cells from our own bodies, specifically our fat. Pioneering doctors are now using stem cells for anti-aging and cosmetic purposes, although today it’s a bit of a Wild West out there, with unproven claims about the miraculous healing effects of stem cells being thrown about.

Therefore, at this time I am not recommending stem cell therapies for cosmetic use. However, there are studies currently being conducted which may change my mind in the near future.

So what about growth factors?

Growth factors have been used cosmetically for many years. Growth factors are proteins that regulate cellular function, stimulating cells to grow, heal, and transform themselves. Our platelets contain a plethora of growth factors, so when we isolate platelets from our blood, concentrate them, and inject them or infuse them, these growth factors can have a powerful rejuvenative effect.

This is why PRP (platelet rich plasma) has become so popular for healing injuries, growing hair, and even helping people look younger. Cosmetically, it’s most often applied to the skin after microneedling.

So how does PRP microneedling work?

When you undergo a microneedling treatment, hundreds of tiny holes are poked into the skin. These tiny holes can act as a conduit, allowing whatever is applied to the surface to seep into the deeper skin. Applying PRP after microneedling allows the growth factors to penetrate deeply, resulting rejuvenation from the inside-out. This can result in skin that looks smoother, less wrinkled, and more vibrant afterwards.

Regenerative medicine is definitely a buzzword in plastic surgery today. I expect that we’ll hear more and more about it in the near future!

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