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Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists believe that retinoids are the most proven anti-aging creams today. Retinoids can be divided into prescription-strength tretinoin (aka Retin-A) or over-the-counter strength retinol. So which one do you choose?

Tretinoin has been vigorously tested and scientifically confirmed to thicken the skin, increase collagen, reduce fine lines, lighten sun spots, and even reverse early pre-skin cancers! This is why it’s been prescribed by thousands of doctors for decades. The problem with tretinoin is that it’s very aggressive and can cause a pretty intense dermatitis (with redness, dryness, and flaking) for the first 6-8 weeks of use. The reaction is most intense in people with sensitive, thin, and dry skin.

So I usually recommend prescription-strength tretinoin only for people who have thick, oily skin or have tolerated it before.

For everyone else there is retinol. Retinol is basically a less-potent version of tretinoin. It’s easier to tolerate and doesn’t cause as much dryness or flaking. Studies show that retinol can do basically the same things as tretinoin, just not as quickly or maybe not quite as effectively.

Most major skin care manufacturers have anti-aging creams that contain retinol. My YOUN Beauty Retinol Moisturizer is by far the top selling product in my skin care line, and with good reason! It works! Check it out HERE.

So in summary:

– If you are looking for the most aggressive anti-aging skin care product and have thicker and oilier skin than the average person, you may want to consider prescription strength tretinoin (Retin-A).

– If you have more sensitive, thinner, or drier skin, or you don’t have access to a doctor to prescribe or sell tretinoin to you, then go for a retinol cream.

– If you find you can’t tolerate either of these options, then try an anti-aging cream that contains peptides and/or growth factors. OR, if you love your retinol or tretinoin and would like to add another age-reversing cream into the mix, then go for the easy to tolerate peptides and/or growth factors. I offer the YOUN Beauty Ultra Night Lift as a great peptide-rich option. You can check it out at my online store HERE.

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