The Real Truth About Hormones

  • Posted on: Apr 25 2019
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For many health practitioners and patients, hormones are a big mystery.

Is it normal to feel fatigued, take a long time to fall asleep, have stubborn weight gain, and look tired all the time? No!

I often hear from my patients who tell me that because their labs are normal, their doctors tell them they’re fine. But they feel anything but fine!

Unfortunately, today’s traditional medical system is overly dependent on treating lab results and rewarding physicians by paying more for invasive procedures. Although labs and procedures are important, we’re getting farther and farther away from actually listening to our patients and figuring out the root causes of their illnesses.

That’s where functional medicine comes in.

I’d like to introduce you to my amazing friends, Dr. Shawn Tassone (America’s Holistic Gynecologist) and Dr. Nat Kringoudis (Doctor of Chinese Medicine and my favorite Aussie). They’ve created a series of online interviews with leading holistic health practitioners that I think you’ll find very helpful. It’s a new and refreshing approach to your health and hormones.

They showcase 15 experts over 15 days, all with your health and hormones in mind. Learn from world leaders from all areas of hormone health – hormone balance, PCOS, period issues, menopause, fertility challenges, miscarriage, fasting, menopause, mold, aging, men’s hormones, sugar addiction, fibroids and so much more. All of this is FREE for 15 days to you. 

Dr. Shawn and Dr. Nat collectively have over 40 years experience in treating hormones and are passionate about bridging west and east when it comes to your health. Through their own experience and their collective network of the world’s leading doctors and experts in hormone health (me included!), it made perfect sense for them to bring this exclusive and unique master series together for you.

It starts May 1 and there is a seat with your name on it! 

Be ready to not only learn, but be entertained. There’s never a dull moment with these two! It’s time for The REAL Truth About Hormones. Sign up by clicking HERE

I’ll see you there!

My family and I recently returned from a trip to Ireland! I drove us (on the left side of the road- scary!) all around the beautiful Irish countryside. One thing that left a major impression on me was all the grazing cows and sheep. There was no sign of the massive factory farming systems present in the United States. Cows were allowed to be cows, and sheep allowed to be sheep.

We drove through County Kerry, the home of Kerrygold Butter. This butter is made from milk from grass-fed cows. It’s better for your health than conventional butter due to its significantly higher omega-3 fatty acid content.

So if you like your butter, eat it in moderation and buy Kerrygold for the best taste and your best health. Irish eyes will be smiling on you.

Here are the latest episodes of my podcast, The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show. Please SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a single information-packed show!

Episode #134– Minimally-Invasive Treatments: Look Younger Without Going Under the Knife with Dr. Lara Devgan – Did you know that you can reshape your nose without having surgery? Or that you can get rid of a banana roll of the thighs using simple injections? Or have you heard that Sculptra injections are a reasonable alternative to fat transfer to the buttocks?

These are just a few of the minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments that are super popular today. These injectable options are taking the place of invasive surgery as a realistic and effective alternative for thousands of men and women.

On this episode, I’m joined by one the leaders of the minimally-invasive trend in cosmetic medicine. We will discuss these procedures and a whole lot more, including which injectable fillers she and I recommend, and those which we warn you to stay away from.

To learn more, listen HERE with Apple devices or HERE with Android phones. 

Episode #133 – Essential Oil Tips to Reduce Stress and Banish Brain Fog and the Pitfalls of Popular Diets with Dr. Mariza Snyder – Interested in learning a simple, natural way to instantly reduce stress? How about getting rid of brain fog and energizing your brain? On this episode, I’m once again joined by hormone and essential oil expert Dr. Mariza Snyder. She’ll give us her go-to essential oil recipes to naturally improve your health and the function of your brain.

We also discuss the hidden pitfalls of popular diets. Should you go gluten-free? How about low-fat? Is plant-based the way to go for everyone? We’ll give our thoughts on these popular diet trends, and why they may be good or bad for your health. I’ll also reveal what diet I follow!

This is a fun and eye-opening discussion on some of the hottest topics in holistic health today.

Listen HERE on Apple devices or HERE on Android.

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