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  • Posted on: Sep 20 2017
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What is the future of medicine? Is the future of medicine more medications, more invasive treatments, and Big Pharma, like many doctors and health care professionals would like you to believe? Or is it something more?

For the past year I’ve introduced you to physicians and health care providers who are on the cutting edge (forgive the pun) of holistic medicine. These doctors are bucking traditional, conventional medicine to improve their patients’ health by getting to the root cause of why we have disease.

Do you have hypertension because you aren’t taking your beta-blocker?

Do you have high cholesterol because you aren’t taking your statin?

Do you have premature aging and wrinkles because you aren ‘t applying the right night creams?

Of course not!

There is a better way to look at medicine than just treating people with more and more drugs. That is the idea behind functional medicine. Sometimes, just changing the food you eat and your environmental exposures can have profound impacts on your health and disease processes.

Take Dr. Terry Wahls, for instance. She was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She was in a wheelchair and told by her physicians that her time was up and to get her affairs in order. But, after researching the foods that power the mitochondria in her brain, she radically changed her diet and reversed her disease progression. She went from being wheelchair-bound to riding her bike to work. And all of this occurred as she weaned herself off her medications. Now she is doing this for her patients. Her story is told in Episode 10 of my podcast.

Or consider all of the cases of auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome that are being successfully treated not with medications, but by removing potential allergens from the diet, increasing the amount of nutritious foods, and focusing on the microbiome with foods like bone broth.

I strongly believe that the future of health and medicine today is functional and integrative medicine. Learning about these subjects over the past several years has changed how I practice, what I recommend, and how I live my life.

I’d love to share my story about these topics with you. On my latest mini-podcast I reveal My Integrative and Functional Medicine Journey. It’s an audio-only podcast, only 14 minutes long, and gives you my view on health and medicine today. You can listen on your iPhone, iPad, or computer at or on Android phones by using the Stitcher app HERE.

I hope you find it interesting and eye-opening!

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