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  • Posted on: Jan 24 2023
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I’d like to update you on the newest hot topics in cosmetic medicine. I love this field, because it’s always dynamic and changing. Hot off the press, here’s some interesting news for you:

Qwo is no more. The company that makes Qwo, the only FDA approved injectable treatment for cellulite, has stopped manufacturing it for cosmetic use. Apparently the product wasn’t successful enough financially to continue offering it. We will continue performing it while supplies last, but will no longer be offering it to new patients.

Juvederm Volux for jawlines! This is the newest FDA approved injectable filler. It’s a thicker filler (somewhat like Juvederm Voluma) that is indicated for the jawline and chin. We just received it here at YPS and will share more with you once we’ve had time to master it!

Buccal fat removal is mainstream. Suddenly everyone is talking about removing buccal fat as if it’s the hottest new treatment. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen have admitted to undergoing this minor surgery as a way to thin their cheeks. The funny thing about this is, I’ve been doing this operation since 2004! It’s not a new procedure, but one that works well to remove fat from inside the cheeks of the right patient. I have some before-and-afters on my website!

New YOUN Beauty skin care products on the way! It’s been a few years since we’ve introduced new products to my skin care line. But the wait is almost over. I’m planning to release THREE new products over the next six months! More on these exciting product launches soon!

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