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  • Posted on: Apr 30 2020
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These past six weeks have been stressful for all of us. So in this week’s newsletter, I thought I’d take a break from all things Corona and focus on something fun instead: celebrities!

Celebrities and botched plastic surgeries go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, I thought I’d reveal some of the worst in celebrity plastic surgery… and what you can learn from them. Let’s start!

5. Sly Stallone and Hairline Brow Lifts – This is a type of brow lift surgery where the scar is placed at the junction between the hairline and the forehead. The hair is supposed to grow in-between strands of hair, but I’ve never seen it look natural. This surgery can make you look like you have a cap of hair on your head. Just look at Sly Stallone’s hairline in any of his recent movies. Not good. Stick with the endoscopic brow lifts instead.

4. All The Real Housewives and Too Much Facial Filler – We call it the “Pillow Face.” In 2004, I was the co-author of a seminal scientific article in our plastic surgery literature, “The Volumetric Facelift.” This was one of the first articles that explained how the face ages in three dimensions and helped start the phenomenon of rejuvenating the cheeks by filling them. Flash forward to 2020 where we are now seeing cheeks plumped beyond recognition. Less can be more. Most patients don’t need more than a syringe or two of Voluma per cheek.

3. Pam Anderson and Massive Implants – This goes without saying. The bigger the implants, the more stretched the skin and the quicker the breasts will droop. Excessively large implants can make a person look top heavy and overweight. I strongly encourage my patients to pick the smallest size they are certain will make them happy. Size does matter!

2. Meg Ryan and Lip Implants – Lip implants never look real. They just don’t. It doesn’t matter whether they are made of Gore-tex, silicone, or Alloderm. They always look stiff and unnatural and never pass the Kiss Test (when you kiss someone with augmented lips and it feels like you’re kissing a rubber tire). Stick with fat injections, Juvederm, or Restylane instead.

1. Michael Jackson and Too Many Nose Jobs – It was such a sad story. He was a very good looking man, but too many nose jobs whittled his nose into a scarred mess. One of my friends in Beverly Hills claims that Michael had a plastic surgeon on retainer since he was a constant figure in the OR, undergoing surgery on a regular basis. If you want a nose job, please exercise caution. Choose your plastic surgeon very carefully and avoid a revision surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. One is enough!

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