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I firmly believe that having a non-toxic home is a big key to long-term health and wellness. I’ve written to you in the past about the effects of EMF’s, toxic skin care, and cleaning the air in your home. But, if you’re like me, you may not put a lot of thought into the impact that our laundry products have on our homes, bodies, and environment.

After all, if there’s an entire aisle at the store full of “trusted brands”, they must be safe, right?


DID YOU KNOW that conventional laundry products are some of the highest contributors to household toxicity?

Here’s why…

  • Every minute of your life, (outside of showering) your skin is in constant contact with your clothing, bedding, towels and beyond…
  • Upwards of 90% of store-bought laundry products are scientifically engineered to leave a chemical cocktail on your fabrics.
  • These chemicals are now in full contact with your skin (the largest organ of your body) all the time. Many of these chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, respiratory issues, and even cancer.

I’ve discovered a company that is on a mission to change the industry by offering REFILLABLE laundry jugs made with plant based, non-toxic ingredients that work better than the store-bought blue goo.

MyGreenFills is a mission-driven company out of Traverse City, Michigan that makes eco-friendly laundry products that clean better than their chemical competitors.

They not only make the best natural cleaning products in existence—they also work closely with charities, including one that helps deaf women in Jamaica—and another focused on freeing women in China from being trafficked and enslaved. So by using their products, not only are you reducing toxin exposure in your home, but you’re also giving good work to women who otherwise wouldn’t have it.

If you’d like to learn more about MyGreenFills, then there are two great options to check out.

1. If you’d like to try MyGreenFills for yourself, they are offering my followers 50 Loads of Laundry for only $14. Click HERE to check out their special $14 deal.

2. For the next 10 days, they are also offering a special 5 piece holiday stocking stuffer gift pack, where 100% of the proceeds go to giving life-changing jobs to women in Jamaica and China. This makes a great gift during the holiday season for yourself, a friend, or a family member! Click HEREto check that out.


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