Five ways to get a neck lift WITHOUT surgery!

  • Posted on: Jun 7 2022
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Do you have extra skin of your neck that you can’t stand? What about unwanted fat or wrinkles? If so, you’re not alone. So many patients tell me how their neck looks really impacts their self confidence, but they don’t want to undergo a facelift.

The good news? I have FIVE tips for you to lift your neck without going under the knife!

Retinol – Retinols are a simple way to provide mild tightening of the neck and lower face! They’re available over the counter and typically won’t break the bank. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and studies have shown how using this product can impact the look of your neck! Keep in mind the changes are subtle, but they are about as good as you can get with a simple cream. Check out our best-selling YOUN Beauty Retinol Moisturizer HERE.

Morpheus 8 – This in-office, non-invasive treatment combines radiofrequency and microneedling! Tiny needles puncture the skin, stimulating collagen rejuvenation, then radiofrequency is delivered to heat and tighten the skin. These treatments take about 30 minutes and have a downtime of a couple days. At YPS, we help make you more comfortable with a powerful numbing cream. Three treatments are usually needed for optimal results.

Botox – Are you seeing thick vertical lines on the neck? These are called platysmal bands and are caused by the drooping of the platysma muscle. Injecting Botox can relax the muscle and cause it to smooth out. However, this treatment is only effective if you don’t have loose neck skin. Otherwise, save your money.

Kybella – This is an injection of deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in our GI tract and dissolves fat. It can be injected into the double chin area to gradually melt the fat away permanently. Each treatment takes a few minutes, and most people need two to four treatments to see the best results. But keep in mind, like Botox, this treatment doesn’t tighten loose neck skin.

Renuvion/FaceTite – Although these operations are invasive, they’re not a full surgery like a facelift. During this procedure, a small incision is made under the chin and a probe is inserted which heats up the deeper skin, causing it to tighten. While it’s not as effective as a facelift, patients do see better results than non-invasive treatments.This is the only option in this list that we don’t offer at YPS.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how you can tighten and improve the appearance of your neck without surgery!

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