Holistic Tips During the Time of Coronavirus / COVID-19

  • Posted on: Mar 11 2020
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There is so much fear and uncertainty today in regards to Coronavirus / COVID-19. We hear that washing our hands and staying home if we are sick are the major actions you can take to keep healthy and help prevent the spread of the virus.

But what else can you do?

This week’s new podcast episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show gives you my compilation of holistic tips to stay healthy during this crazy time. I encourage you to listen to the episode if you’re interested in lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, and practical tips during travel to help you stay healthy.

For this week’s newsletter, I thought I’d share with you information from the podcast on nutritional supplements that I recommend adults consider taking to support your immune system. There are five:

1. Probiotic – at least 5 billion CFU per day – We’ve learned that the health of the microbiome has major impacts on our immune system. Taking a daily probiotic is a simple step to support the microbiome, therefore supporting your overall health.

2. Vitamin C – 1000-2000 mg per day – This powerful antioxidant fights free radicals to help you stay healthy. It’s no wonder that our moms made us drink orange juice when we were sick!

3. Vitamin D3 – 1000-4000 IU per day – Vitamin D is absolutely essential to a properly functioning immune system, and so many of us are deficient, especially in the winter. Make sure to get your levels checked by your physician prior to starting a Vitamin D supplement.

4. Zinc – 15 mg per day – Zinc is necessary for properly functioning white blood cells, which is our body’s defense against foreigh invaders.

5. Fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) – A study from Michigan State University found that taking fish oil supplements boosts the activity of white blood cells. It’s not just for your heart!

These supplement suggestions are not guaranteed to prevent you from getting sick or contracting Coronavirus, but they can help support your immune system during this time! Make sure to discuss any new supplements with your physician.

You can download the podcast which contains a lot more information by clicking HERE for Apple devices and HERE for Android.

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