How to STOP Being Controlled by Your Hormones

  • Posted on: Jun 7 2021
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Knowing how your hormones affect you can make big changes in your life!

Hormones are most certainly tricky business, but your symptoms can tell you so much about what’s actually going on.


  • You suffer from mood swings, weight gain, low libido, brain fog, or fatigue
  • Feel like perimenopause has hit you like a sledgehammer
  • Have a family history of hormone problems
  • Are worried about menopause, aging, and everything going south
  • Or you just know your hormones are off…

Whatever the symptom, we can use them as powerful clues to improve your health.

Do you finally want to get to the bottom of what is really going on? My good friend and holistic gynecologist, Dr. Shawn Tassone, developed The Hormone Project for women to have access to straightforward, easy to implement information and tools, to finally get your hormones to play the game FOR you instead of against you!

This is 6 days with 6 easy pathways to discover how to balance your hormones with ease and clarity.

Register now and unlock the secrets to achieving whole-body health no matter what stage of life you’re in! The project starts at the end of the month, but as a bonus you can get started with your own personal transformation NOW!

When you register, you can get a copy of his e-book full of recipes called How to Eat For Your Hormones to help you kickstart the process for FREE! Eating for hormone balance is one big step in the right direction, and this e-book contains tasty but hormone-healthy recipes such as smoothies, dinners, drinks, and desserts to full your tummy AND improve your health.

Don’t miss out!

Register for the Hormone Project today!

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